Laura Hall, Partner

Laura has worked in Asia, Europe and the US in both retail and wholesale. With expertise in front and back of house in brand activation and operations, she has a wide range of experience thinking inside and outside the traditional retail box. Laura has also worked within multi-cultural frameworks, delivering bottom line results regardless of external and internal business challenges. She left her last corporate role as President of Accessories for Polo Ralph Lauren in 2013 to focus on helping others in the industry grow their businesses.

Experience that delivers results

Laura has been called a ‘collaborative co-conspirator’ by her peers.

Why? Because she knows that every brand and company is different. That means there is no “one size fits all” solution, and getting to the right answer takes collaboration.

Having lived through most of the same strategic and tactical issues and opportunities that businesses like yours face every day, Laura partners with you to build strategies specific to your goals that:

  • Improve sales and profitability
  • Uncover incremental customer, product and distribution opportunities
  • Develop new business models for today’s transparent consumer-driven ‘click and mortar’ culture
  • Create unique product concepts that solve your customers’ 21st century problems
  • Build a strategic growth plan that balances profit and purpose

What does it all mean for you?

When you work with WHYZ, Laura’s global experience and collaborative branding skills are just a phone call away. By listening to and working with you closely, she’ll help you create the forward-looking and sustainable brand merchandising strategies you need to compete in today’s quickly evolving retail landscape.

Let Laura tell you more about what her experience can bring to your business.