Helaine Suval, Partner

Helaine brings a breadth of experience in tactical and strategic execution in leadership roles across retail channels. She was a pioneer in building e-commerce and omnichannel business strategies across the retail arena. Helaine left the corporate world, after building the macys.com business to over $1B, to fuel her passion for helping businesses grow. Her wide-ranging expertise is combined with a laser focus on the customer, which she has used to build, operate and grow businesses from multi-billion dollar global brands to startups.

Experience that delivers results

Helaine is a retail and omnichannel expert who has faced all the same challenges as you in this ever-evolving retail landscape.

What does your customer want from you now? How do you grow your business? What is the right business model for you? As a legacy business, how do you keep yourself relevant?

Not only has Helaine tackled these questions herself, she helps businesses like yours find the right answers every day. Whether building a company from the ground up or looking to grow an established business, she works with you to design customer centric strategies tailored to your goals, including:

  • Improving sales and profitability
  • Uncovering market opportunities
  • Developing new business models
  • Creating unique marketing concepts

What does it all mean for you?

When you work with WHYZ, you have direct access to Helaine’s instincts and judgement – both of which give her the ability to assess the big picture quickly. She knows what it takes to build a business from scratch and move with the speed necessary to stay ahead of the changes in today’s fast-paced retail environment.

Let Helaine tell you more about what she can do for your business.